Practice Areas 

Luke Lawyers works for clients in various legal areas. Please see our individual practice area pages for more information. 


Divorce & Family

Going through a divorce is tough, and dealing with complex laws and regulations make it even harder. We can help you navigate a divorce as smoothly as possible. Our experience with family law includes child custody, child support, guardianship and more. 


Accident & Injury

Whether you are injured in a car, bike, or work accident, the physical and psychological consequences can be devastating. Our firm specializes in personal injury and helps accident victims get the justice they deserve. 


Lawsuit & Dispute

If another person’s actions have cost you money, reputation, or rights, you can file a lawsuit or take alternative legal action. Disputes are sometimes solved by mediation or arbitration, which are less time-intensive and less expensive.  If all else fails, we will help you file a formal lawsuit.


Juvenile Law

In Ohio, juveniles (under 18, or who committed a crime before age 18) are often tried in Juvenile Court. Dealing with criminal charges can be stressful and traumatic for child and parents. Luke Lawyers, with experience in juvenile cases, makes the legal process as easy as possible.